Room 4108  showcases the many voices and interests of CUNY Graduate Center students, particularly students in Liberal Studies. For instance: Why get a Ph.D.? Balancing work and family. Open marriage. Non-monogamy. Women riding the subway. Office work. LGBT communities. Speaking Persian in America. What kind of love we love best. Hannah Arendt. Fatherhood. Rethinking Community. Rodney King. Women in film. Protest in Dhaka.


If you are a current or former CUNY Graduate Center student, please send us your writing: fiction or nonfiction, formal or informal, very brief or longer.  Or would you rather try editing or tech support? Please see Submission Guidelines for more information.

Room 4108 is sponsored by the Masters Program in Liberal Studies (aka MALS) at the CUNY Graduate Center.  For information about our academic programs, please go to  http://www.gc.cuny.edu/mals.